First Session of Training on “Self-Improvement; Communication Skills”

Balochistan Energy Company Limited conducted the first session on Communication Skills of In-house Training  “Self-Improvement”. The target audience were management staff of BECL, officials from Energy Department and sister Departments of Government of Balochistan. The keynote speaker was Syed Firasat Shah; CEO BECL. It was two hours long session, the presenter elaborated the topic in very detail by using industry related examples. 

Content of session were:-

 تعرف (Introduction)

 مہارتِ گفت وشنیدوتبادلۂخیال (Communication Skills)

 ربط سازی  (Relationship Building)

 متناسب ہمہ جہتی  (Proportional Well-Roundedness)

 کمال پرستی سے اجتناب  (Don’t be Perfectionist)

 صحت اور جسمانی طہارت  (Health & Hygiene)

 حکمت و حاضردماغی  (Wisdom and Mental Alertness)

 اختتامی لکیر تک پہنچنا (Reaching to the Finish Line)

 ذہنی توجّہ مرکوز کرنے کا فن (The Art of Mental Focus)

 خوش رہیں مگر کیسے؟  (Be happy but how?)

 ذاتی نشونما سے متعلّقہ چند اہم نکات  (Some important points regarding Self Improvement)


First Session of Training on “Self-Improvement; Communication Skills”

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